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In a rating-filled world, companies need to be especially conscientious about positive and negative reviews and how they may adversely impact their business.

Reputation Management is the art of pushing positive content to the top. Not only does your reputation management platform need to promote positive contact, but it also needs to be able to bury content that may be incorrect or outdated. Nothing can ever be removed from the Internet; instead, PULP Reputation covers SEO, Content Marketing and Reviews, promoting your best content first.

Bottom line: your business needs a review marketing tool that’s bold. Today, digital word of mouth is everything. A customer’s online feedback can make or break your business. Our automated management platform effectively spreads the good word by growing those extra stars on your review platforms, and, with increased 5-star reviews, you will cultivate new customers, increase in rankings and grow revenue all year long. This lets you focus more on making your customers’ experience sweeter than it already is.

We want your business to be the juiciest on the market, the obvious pick.

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95% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business

Customer reviews are the brightest marketing tools for your business

Did you know:

  • The more reviews posted on an online review platform, the more relevant the business becomes to search engines — and therefore, the more it will be pushed to the top of results.
  • Mechanics, restaurants, and service industry businesses — they all have something in common. People seeking these services are likely to look up reviews, testimonials, and third-party ratings before making a decision.
  • Companies that offer personal services have a long road ahead of them. Without an online reputation, few customers will be willing to give them a chance.
  • Your business needs to make sure that your customers see you as trustworthy and reliable. Through PULP Reputation you are able to boost your online reviews as well as develop yourself as a trustworthy authority regarding your service. Active and consistent reviews on multiple platforms are all able to bolster your reputation.
  • Through a curated online review platform, like Pulp Reputation, your business is able to share positive reviews as well as curate reviews that were incorrect. You have the opportunity to address any negative reviews while also encouraging satisfied clients to post their own reviews.

Let our certified reputation experts guide your Online Reputation Management on the PULP Reputation platform and watch your reviews, and business, grow!

The Review Funnel

We monitor your brand reputation across 200+ (and growing!) review sites.

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Features and

Prevent Bad Reviews

Prevent public bad reviews by collecting feedback directly from your customer. Existing bad reviews get pushed down and out of sight.

Streamline Submissions

Make it fast and easy for your customers to leave reviews. Our review funnel guides customers to the right site and provides fast and easy instructions for leaving feedback.

Share 5 Star Reviews

Automatically publish your very best reviews to your website and social media pages.

24/7 Monitoring

All of your reviews around the Internet are captured in real time. Poor reviews are flagged for your quick response.

Monthly Reputation Report

You`ll receive a comprehensive report of your overall online reputation and reviews from all major sites.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Show your customers that you care about their experience with your business and use reviews to encourage return visits.

Premium Service

Our PULP Reputation team is hear to help at every level so you can still focus on your business.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Gain insights from your customers (good and bad) by automatically asking for feedback after they purchase.

Monitor 200+ Review Sites

We monitor your brand reputation across 200+ (and growing) review sites and deliver monthly reporting and a list of the latest reviews.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

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