Fill more tables by capturing more positive customer reviews.

Positive customer reviews are the most powerful source of revenue for your restaurant. A half-star increase in average ratings makes your restaurant 50% more likely to fill all tables for the evening. PULP Reputation helps restaurants generate more 5-star reviews while eliminating the bad ones.

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We integrate with the review sites that matter most to your practice.

QR Code is King

Things have changed and are still changing and as we all adapt your food and beverage establishment has had to make some serious changes and we are thankful to you for that!

Most of you have switched over or have added a QR code as the display for your menu which, in many ways, has turned out to be easier. Something positive we can take from all this.
We have something else for you to think about, a fresh squeezed perspective, why not add a QR code to get the feedback you need to keep getting better while getting the reviews that are so important to spread the word about your business online?
We love dining out, supporting local restaurants, coffee houses, breweries, etc.. We tell everyone we know when we find somewhere awesome and we know online word of mouth is huge. We’ve come up with an exciting solution that works, a QR Code Review Funnel System that’s incredibly easy and affordable.
There are a lot of other perks along with the QR code, set up a time with one of our Reputation Experts for a live demo and learn how your business can set yourself apart!

Outrank competing restaurants on Google and OpenTable.

When a local consumer is searching online for “restaurants near me,” they rely on two pieces of key information when deciding who to call first: star rating and number of positive reviews.

Star ratings are a visual indicator of your reputation. They attract the attention of potential customers and put your restaurant in the spotlight. We help increase your average star ratings and positive reviews to outrank competing restaurants in the area.


92% of consumers say they’ll dine at a restaurant if they have a 5-star rating

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Stop bad reviews dead in their tracks.

Protecting your online brand reputation isn’t just about getting more positive reviews, it’s also about stopping bad reviews before they get posted.

Negative reviews can be detrimental to generating new business. When a potential client searches online for local restaurants, they rely on reviews and ratings that of previous clients. When a potential patron sees a negative review, it sends them to the next restaurant listing.

Our review funnel eliminates bad public reviews and notifies you immediately when an unhappy patron submits negative feedback.

One bad review can cost you about 30 customers

Our highly effective feedback funnel stops negative reviews before they get posted by proactively asking your customers for a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, then routing them to their favorite review site or private feedback form.


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PULP Reputation helps restaurants increase positive reviews and eliminate bad ones to acquire more clients. set up a live demo here to learn how we can help turbo charge your online reputation.